Why I photograph little Porsches

I don’t play with Hot Wheels cars (anymore), but I sure do like taking pictures of them. I’ve been a sports car guy as long as I can remember. My room as a kid had the usual posters of any teenage boy from the ’80s. The prized posters were of Farrah Fawcett (yes that one), a silver Porsche 911 Turbo, a guards red Porsche 944 and a white Lamborghini Countach.

I spent many of my childhood days playing with my cars in the dirt. I still have about 50 die-cast Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars from my childhood.

My current collection of cars contains Porsche Hot Wheels and Porsche Lego sets. I do have some other Lego sports car sets as well (Mercedes, Koenigsegg, Ferrari, etc…).

On a trip to Chicago in 2019, I happened to have three Hot Wheels Porsche cars with me. The conference was at McCormick Place Convention center. In the convention space is a nice green area called McCormick Square. I noticed the cement work around the fountains of McCormick Square looked like a race track. Inspired by the unique location, I started shooting pictures with my iPhone. The rest is history.

Funny enough, some of the first photos I uploaded to Unsplash were from this photo shoot. To my surprise the photos have been viewed more than 500,000 times and downloaded more than 5,000 times. This spurred me to create a whole site dedicated to my little Porsches – Little Porsche Grid.

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