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Victorinox Brand Notes

Brand: Victorinox

Site: www.swissarmy.com

Year Established: 1884

Headquarters: Ibach, Switzerland

Watch Category: Mid-Range

Brand Accomplishments: 1897 The original Swiss officer and sports knife is patented

Brand History
Victorinox started in 1884 as a cutler’s shop by Karl Elsener. Victorinox is a global brand dealing in Swiss Army Knives, knives, travel gear, watches and, fragrances. In 1909 Karl named the company after his late mother Victoria. He chose her name as the brand name and registered the cross and shield emblem as a trademark.

In 1921 the Victorinox was born as a mixture of Karl’s mother’s name and the word Inox. Inox is the metallurgical term for stainless steel.

So, we all know that Victorinox makes a wicked Swiss Army Knife. The question is what about the watches? In 1989 the company decided to branch out from its very Swiss knives. It used its metal mastery to create the other Swiss item – watches.

The primary issue the company faced in creating a line of watches was control of quality. In 2002 the company designed a manufacturing facility for watches. This gave control of as much of the manufacturing as possible. ETA movements sit at the heart of their mechanical movements. The quality of the steel in the watches is top notch and the brand’s commitment to quality speaks for itself.

Further, in 2005 Victorinox acquired the other Swiss knife and watchmaker Wegner. The two brands allow for cross-pollination in watch knowledge between the brands.

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