Welcome to No Shortcuts Designs. My name is Henry Becker and this is the home of my creative work. Scroll down and you will find some photography, fine line art and some of the words I’ve strung together in recent posts.

If you see a photograph you like feel free to use it with no strings attached. A hat tip or a social media nod is always appreciated. If you like any of the fine line art hit me up on the contact button and I can email you a clean usable version.

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What I’m learning from the pandemic

One of the earliest teaching moments we all share is learning from our circumstances. Did your parents encourage you to learn from life’s good and bad deals? I bet they did. By no means have I perfected the art of … Read More

Car Guy Origins

My car fascination began in the spring of 1982 at the wide-eyed age of 12. It all started with a trip to the American institution of 7-Eleven. I grew up in a house that sat one lot removed from a … Read More

The 1986 Scirocco

The first few months of 1988 were rough. For the most part, my hair had grown back after the boot camp buzz cut from the previous September. It had been a whirlwind from Air Force basic training to tech school … Read More