With a digital hat tip, you are welcome to use any photo on this page. All photos were taken on my iPhone or digital camera.

Fresh Corduroy

On a recent trip to Holiday Valley, New York, I jumped out of the Yodeler Lift line to get a photo of the almost pristine corduroy.

Iceland 2018

I’m going to spare you all of the canceled flight, rainy weather and happy accident details of our trip to Iceland. Let’s face it, the internet is full of detailed stories about Iceland travel. Instead, I’m going to share things … Read More

Holiday Valley, New York

Like you, I had never heard of Holiday Valley Ski area either. When doing a search for solid eastern ski areas, Holiday Valley showed up a few times as one of the best. Going north from Maryland into the snow … Read More

Hidden Valley, PA 2018

It would not be a ski season in the Becker house without a weekend trip to Hidden Valley Resort in PA. This year’s trip was from January 5th to the 7th. After grabbing the boys from school on Friday the … Read More

NYC and Boston

I have been meaning to post on our trip to NYC and Boston but time just got away from me. The original impetus for this trip was some of our boys really wanted to see NYC and our oldest is … Read More


No, not Disney.  Perhaps I’m a bad parent, but I’ve never wanted to visit Disney World.  The few times my wife has open the topic of taking our three boys I’ve been less than enthused.  To be clear, my lack … Read More

Starting a watch collection

I’ve always liked watches.  My earliest recollection of owning a watch was a Swatch back in the mid-1980’s.  From a fashion standpoint, Swatch watches were all the rage in the 80’s.  Like most other fashion conscious teens, I had a … Read More

Spring Break ’17 – Shenandoah Valley

Not only was spring break a full week this year, it is likely the last lengthy spring break for our kids. Maryland put down hard rules on school calendars going forward. With this in mind, my wife and I scoured … Read More